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  • Gabriel Zanko
  • Keith Teare
  • Sergey Zarubin

People who trust in Bidipass (+info in Team and Advisors)

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Wallets and online banking
Ticket events
Boarding passes
Sign online agreements
And much more...

Ubiquitous online and on-site accreditations made possible

BidiPass – the blockchain platform for online secure authentications. Protecting your transactions everywhere you go.
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Authentication and Verification for the New Digital Economy.BidiPass is simple to implement and utilize. Reducing costs while being virtually unhackable. Transform your smartphone’s DNA into a security token for your day-to-day digital operations. A more secure life is just one click ahead of you. Welcome to our community!
BidiPass Team
Our chairman describes the BidiPass innovation.
Combining advanced public key cryptography and bidimensional codes, the ecosystem’s core is robust. Dual authentications enforce the access to the encrypted data - for authorized people/devices only. The blockchain makes the platform impenetrable to malicious attacks. Countless applications of BidiPass are possible.



Protect your personal info. User accreditation system powered by public key cryptography.


Minimizes expenses of the industry. Easy, quick and affordable implementations.


Prevents operation denials while reducing the difficulty in the digital transactions.


Activate your personal services and enable authentications with your smartphone.


Secure access to monetary transactions by desktop, tablet or any mobile devices.


No passwords or cards required. Encrypt your digital moves with a simple gesture.


Direct operations whitout password.

Cardless access to financial service.

Full control of services by mobile .

Manage & encrypt info for sharing.

Our Team

Fernando Albarrán
Executive Chairman
Fernando is a 25-year experienced businessman founding tech companies. He has worked with banks in Spain like Banco Santander, Scotia Bank, BBVA, Bankia, ING, etc. Having managed 500-member teams; he is a multi-company CEO.
Santiago Vázquez
Chief Executive Officer
Santiago is a successful entrepreneur, investor, and innovator. He has participated in a broad range of industries - including tech, telecom, private equity, e-commerce – as an investment banker + financial analyst at Banco Santander.
Juan José Ruiz
VP Technology
Juan José is a software businessman who has managed mobile development companies and certified platforms for a decade. BlackBerry, Unity, and Samsung have validated his work. He has officially developed mobile and wearable apps for Samsung.
Raúl Padilla
Creative Director
Raúl has always focused his career on the technology sector producing creative projects for leading companies, such as Samsung, Shiseido, Laloge, Fnac, UNED, etc. Artistry and quality for tech products condensed in his work.
Samuel Izquierdo
VP Operations
Samuel lives and breathes blockchain technology. Technical Consultant with extensive know-how as a Coordinator of the Innovation and Lab. Responsible for anti-fraud measures. Dedicated to making of BidiPass the all-in-one solution we need
Mark Rabago
Chief Marketing Officer
Mark has an expertise in PMBus; projects based in North/South. America, UK, Europe, and Asia. International background as a manager and coordinator with born-global experience. Know-how matured within years of international work
José María Martín
International Business Counsel
José María is an International Business with over 20 years in new tech dev. Expert in Fintech, Business Training, video games and Software Dev. He has worked with Samsung and Blackberry in video games production.
Francis Mellado
Social Media Strategist
Francis is a born-and-made communicator. With +15 years of experience as an online marketing specialist, e-commerce manager, and social media strategist. Open-minded and curious by nature. Always has a witty comment up the sleeve.
Carolina Castro
Chief Learning Officer
Carolina manages finance and accounting functions at BidiPass. She also manages the underwriting, credit monitoring, the CLO portfolio compliance and loan administration for the OFS Capital Management’s Broadly Syndicated Loan business.
Carlos Javier Gutierrez
BlockChain Engineer
Carlos has developed multilayered-distributed Java apps for enterprises. He has participated in a wide range of technology industries integrating web APIs, frameworks, and libraries. NoSQL - HTML, CSS, and JS are also in his dev skills portfolio.
Dmytro Yaroshenko
Eastern European Relations
Dmytro Yaroshenko has a degree in Marketing and Management. He has worked in the International Relations Department at the Eastern National Bank. He is the plurilingual leading the expansion in the Eastern European markets.
Antonio Segovia
Cryptography Engineer
Skillful software developer with experience in domestic systems in Arduino. He has worked with public entities by integrating tech to solve their real-life problems, and in two-phase authentication security systems.

Advisors and Investors

Juan Otero
Blockchain & ICO Advisor
Serial Tech Entrepreneur & Innovation Advocate with 15+ years' experience in building, scaling and leading disruptive companies.
Keith Teare
British serial technology entrepreneur with expertise in blockchain projects and ICOs. He has created IT companies since the early 1980s – establishing a career with notable achievements. Keith is constantly collaborating on large-scale projects
Gabriel Zanko
Financial expert and entrepreneur with a background in tax advisory for startups, tax compliance, and financial statement reporting. Gabriel has worked in the Account and Finance Management, Public Accountant, Canada and Chile Support for Nokia Siemens Network.
Sergey Zarubin
A representative of ICOBox in Asia with great experience and influence in the Russian and Asian markets. CEO at Ametis Japan – a biotech marketing and trading service provider for local caterers.
Luis Oliver Albesa
Football businessman. Former owner of Real Betis and current Sports Director of Cordoba CF
Serial entrepreneur and reckoned Spanish football businessman, former owner of Real Betis FC and current Sports Director of Cordoba FC. Luis has owned several soccer clubs in Spain, like Xerez SC and Cartagonova FC. One ticket for the rightful purchaser.
Oscar González
Alto Parana National Deputy of the Paraguay Goverment
A reckoned politician in Paraguay. He will boost the applications of the BidiPass solution in his native country. Proudly hold the position of National Deputy at Alto Parana, by the Paraguay Government
Shawn Park
CEO of Hilarium Blockchain Institute and Hilaris CMP. Health & Wellness + Smart Technology Convergence. Professor at Kyung Hee University in South Korea for 14 years. Professor at Kon Kuk University in South Korea for 9 years
Lee Kyun-dong
Ambassador, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Korea; CEO of the Korean Core Industrial Technology Investment Association (KITIA).
Francisco Javier Rivera
CEO at Ribona Investments
An economist by the Complutense University of Madrid. Seasoned consultant and financial director. He has worked with numerous companies, including Banesto, Credinsa, etc. Freelancer in company advisory and administration and CEO at Ribona Investments
Fernando Zavala
CEO at Documenta
Experienced CEO at Documenta – a consulting company for international enterprises looking to secure public funds to establish branch offices in the Spanish territory. He has regularly collaborated with ABN AMRO – a banking entity from Hong Kong
Javier Fernández
Regional Manager South Europe & Latin America Market Development
Regional Manager in Southern Europe & LATAM Market Dev at Signode Industrial Group LLC. Javier will meet the target audience whilst expanding the brand image. A valuable member capable of understanding markets from the end-user perspective
Juan de Dios Martín
Financial Manager at OHL Norway
Financial Contoller at OHL Polska - CEO Lawyers of Spain - ESESA Financial Advisor
Pablo Bloise
Pablo has been involved with investment and IT companies since 2005. Director at some leading tech companies looking for more goals to accomplish with the blockchain


March 31 to Apr 19, 2018
Public Pre-Sale Session launch
Bidipass is present at the Congress
Bidipass is present at the Congress
Bidipass attends the Congress. Fernando Albarrán participates as a speaker in the conference
Apr 26-29, 2018
72-hour limited presale open with 25% bonus
August 16
Public Sale Session starts for 8 weeks
October 11, 2018
Public Sale Session ends. Two weeks for the token release
November 2018
Release of the BDP tokens
February 2019
Market launch of the BidiPass suite in the European Union and Switzerland
April 2019
Market launch of the BidiPass suite in Latin America.
April 2020
BidiPass positions itself as the leading worldwide platform to make digital interactions secure


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Bidipass is a system for personal authentication through two-dimensional codes.  It´s internationally patented cryptography, allows profiles to be legally authenticated. This authentication is equal to that of any digital signature.

Bidipass has countless uses: Authentication without bank cards at ATMs, money transfers, digital signatures for legal documents, confidential document encryption, security control at airports and major events, etc.

Bidipass relies on the blockchain technology, utilizing its BidiCoin token, which supports the entire Bidpass economy.

Advanced Tower 1st floor. Panama City. Panama.

The cryptography that Bidipass applies solves all the problems associated to the authentication of people, identity theft, digital theft and validation of operations as it is a highly secure environment that has the same legal validity as a digital signature.

Due to its broad spectrum of use, any type of user will ultimately benefit using Bidipass.

Company profiles such as:

  1. Banks and financial entities. Bidpass is a secure environment where no bank cards are needed to perform banking operations.
  2. Legal documentation companies such as Insurance Companies and public entities, since Bidipass allows signing contracts digitally via a simple capture of two-dimensional codes, achieving the same legal level as a digital signature.
  3. Large event promoters, transport companies, and airports. With Bidipass you can authenticate both travelers and attendees to concerts or sporting events, ensuring that the person is actually who they say they are.
  4. Digital instant messaging companies or companies dealing with confidential information. Since Bidipass allows encryption of documents they can only be read by the indicated receiver during the time window permitted.
  5. And in short: Anyone concerned about security with transactions, signatures or authentications in a digital environment.
  1. All transactions in the digital environment will be secure, eliminating any concerns derived from identity theft or robbery.
  2. It will not be necessary to carry cards or remember passwords of any kind. Bidipass is legal and unified authentication system for any environment, from withdrawing money at an ATM to legally signing a contract via email.

As in all the Blockchain environment, it is of special interest to reach the blockchain-friendly markets such as Asia and Russia. Likewise, we have a special entry market force in Latin America.

In addition to these large markets, all start-up investors related to Fin-tech and computer security are potential investors.

The Bidipass encryption system is unique in the world. Bidipass is supported by an international patent that protects its intellectual property. Bidipass has been assessed by an important digital firm, experts in intangible assets. They have valued Bidipass at more than three million dollars. It has market forecasts to reach over one billion by 2020.

In addition to its unique world patent, the possibility to be in the same environment where operations such as economic transactions to legally signing documents with just a smartphone makes Bidipass the definitive authentication system.

Perform financial operations such as online banking or cash withdrawal without the need of cards, passwords or other types of media.

Digital Signature for legal documents in seconds.

Authentication of people in physical events and digital environments.

Encryption of sensitive information only decipherable by the receiver indicated in the enabled window of time.

You can learn more about uses of Bidpass at the following video:

LeverIT Panama:

The holding company. Owner of Bidipass and their global distribution.

Centrologic: A company contracted for the development of platforms associated with Bidipass technology.

ICObox: Developers of the ICO marketing campaign of BidiCoin and it’s associated technological and legal tools.

Integrating entities:

  • Banks and financial entities.
  • Insurance companies and public entities. We currently include the Government of Paraguay within this block.
  • Big promoters of events, transport companies, and airports.
  • Digital instant messaging companies.
  • Computer security suites.

Portals of use of BidiCoin (Token of Bidipass): E-commerce services that accept BidiCoin as payment currency, such as clothing stores, travel agencies, video games … Most importantly:

  • Itamio: E-commerce that offers all kinds of services.
  • Link: gaming company.
  • End user: Any individual who has a smartphone and is a user of the services offered by the integrating entities.

End user:

Any citizen who has a smartphone and is a user of the services offered by the integrating entities.

Each use case has its own competitors.

In the case of banking, there are substitute products such as debit cards, coordinate cards and the like that offer a substitute authentication system that is less secure than Bidipass.

In the case of signatures for legal contracts, traditional courier companies are used to physically sending the contracts to be signed. In the best case scenario they can be signed with the digital signature, which as we know only can reside in the specific devices for which it has been installed, making it in both cases a less agile service compared to Bidipass.  It is even less secure in the case of traditional mail.

In the case of major events and airports, the verification is carried out manually by an operator of the company, validating tickets with passport on the spot. Bidipass would automate this process with great reliability and security.

Computer security carried out in all digital transactions. Protection against theft, fraud, and scam. Rapid Digital legal authentication in a few simple steps.

Unification of all security systems without the need to remember passwords or carry cards. Secure sending and encryption of sensitive documents.

In short: Total security in transactions and legal authentication for digital environments.

Please check here the Bidipass Project Staff as well as their advisors and main achievements in the Staff Bidipass Project section.


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